Uncle Willie K’s Music has Brought Us Endless Joy, Now He Needs Our Help!

Aloha Kakou,

Mahalo a nui for all the love shown for "Uncle Willie K". 

"Uncle Willie K" and the people of Maui will forever be connected as Ohana. Willie K’s Mana runs deep through the Aina of Hawaii and has touched the souls of millions of people. As many of you know, our beloved Uncle Willie was diagnosed with limited stage Small Cell Lung Cancer in January 2018. 

Recently, the cancer has metastasized and is now classified as Stage 4. The life of Musician Willie K has been one that has brought peace, love and joy to everyone lucky enough to hear his music. As a Grammy award winning musician, Willie K dedicated his life to inspiring others through music.

What makes Willie K truly an inspiration to us all is how even while completing chemotherapy, he still lives with the true spirit of Aloha. Even a lifetime of immunotherapy won’t take away from Willies incredible Mana.

While thriving through this incredible ordeal, Willie still maintains his sole source of income as a full time performer and owner of Maui Tribe Productions. At Eat Pray Maui, we feel indebted to Willies contributions and are obligated to follow the ancient Hawaiian tradition of Pono. That is why we are helping Willie raise funds for his bout with cancer via the Willie K bracelet Collection Campaign.

To date, Willie K's gofundme has raised $92,000. We still have a ways to go so we created another way for Willie K to raise money through the sales of his  Willie K bracelet Collection. 

Small Cell Lung Cancer is very aggressive. In spite of this, Willie walks around promoting the good vibes we Hawaiians are known for. Anything you can offer to help support Willie, be it financially or spiritually is greatly appreciated. Keep Uncle Willie in your prayers and remember him as the true Hawaiian treasure that he is.