Eat Pray Maui Lifestyle Apparel

EAT = hungry for success.

PRAY = obtaining your dreams.

MAUI = live the island life.

Stay Strong Bracelet Collection

Steven Tyler from Aerosmith rockin his Bracelet.

Celebrity Dog Tags custom made for Eat Pray Aloha

We met Celebrity Jewelry designer Kate Mesta, together we created this fine piece of art which is also one of the ways to bring people to feel what motivates us. Frankly, Maui is a life-giving island, people from different parts of the world come to Maui to start all over again, this is a place to be given a second chance Our Dog Tag is not just a chain and pendant, it is a religion, it is the religion that motivates you to dream and aspire as much and as unique as you want. This is hand built in Laguna Beach California from Kate Mesta for the EAT PRAY ALOHA Collection. 

Ellen DeGeneres, Mario Lopez, Will Ferrell, Sylvester Stallone


Unisex Hoodie


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Sun Wide Brim Bucket Hat


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Champion Hoodie


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EAT PRAY MAUI Sports Edition Flexfit


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Unisex Pocket T-Shirt


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