EAT PRAY MAUI® Shipping Rates and Terms

We charge flat rate shipping – so order as much as you want and shipping will always be the same!

Shipping Rates are:

Within the U.S.A. (50 states) – $5.00

Canada – $16.00

Everywhere Else – $25.00

This is to make shipping reasonable on one-item orders. Buy one hat or five hats and if you live in the USA, it’s just $5.00 for shipping. I don’t get why it costs me so much more to ship to Canada, but I can’t control that. So if you’re one of my Canadian friends, consider a group order with friends to cut down on the total cost of your order. Same with my friends from Europe – I wish it was cheaper to get stuff to you!


How Fast Will It Ship?

Our Team will ship it the next day.


What About Returns?

We pride ourselves on our customer service and we are confident in the quality of our product. To return any product, simply email us at If your product is damaged, we ask that you send us an email with the photo of the damaged item and reason for return. We are committed to our product and will do everything in our power to ensure your 100% satisfaction. Upon receiving the return we refund the amount of the product, minus shipping and handling. If you received free domestic shipping when you initially ordered and you return a product for reasons other than a manufacturer's defect, the cost of shipping will be deducted from your refund amount.