Whenever you purchase a product you become a part of a great philanthropic effort - or as we like to call it. The Eat Pray Maui Philanthropic Effort. Here at Eat Pray Maui, we don't just want you to look good, we want you to feel good too! That's why one dollar from every purchase is utilized to fight poverty and enable people to become self-sufficient via micro-lending. Small things can create large impacts, similarly small loans make major differences for people with no resources, these people are industrious, skilled and dedicated. The deficiency of basic capital or financial resources should never be a hindrance for individuals who can start a small business and help others in their community, this is what we believe in. In collaboration with our clients, we provide microloans starting from $25 up to 500$ to these smart people who require a hand up. 

We partner with Kiva, an innovative and effective micro-lending organization in order to help out people around the world. These microloans are not a handout,
they are investments in individuals who lack capital but have original small business ideas, the desire and commitment to work and develop a positive community. People who receive these loans are generally students and entrepreneurs with low incomes, Kiva is able to lend money to people in over 80 countries. You can join us in 'The Eat Pray Maui Philanthropic Effort'. 




 Let's create a better world, become a partner of

'The Eat Pray Maui Philanthropic Effort'

You can learn more about the loans we have provided and the people we have invested in by visiting our,

Kiva Lending Page