Maui Insider Tips from local resident Jami Almedia
As a born and raised Maui Local, that has family roots going back 200 years. After watching your video of " WHAT NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT MAUI"...I need to add to your information: 1. If you can't swim, have a bad heart condition, and are claustrophobic -PLEASE DO NOT SNORKEL!!! Almost every week on Maui, we hear about some visitor dying while don't do it! 2. ALL OF MAUI'S BEACHES ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! IT'S A STATE OF HAWAII LAW THAT NO BEACH WILL EVER BECOME PRIVATE! AND REMEMBER...ENTER THE OCEAN AT YOUR OWN RISK! 3. Maui locals do not go to Paia, due to the large of amount of visitors and price gouging that takes place at the Paia Stores. The only worthwhile place in Paia where locals go is a place called Mana Foods. 4. Everything on Maui is expensive! Be prepared for sticker shock! 5. Do not drink and drive on Maui. The Maui County Police Department has zero-tolerance for driving under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs. You will be arrested if caught while driving intoxicated. 6. Do not flash a shaka sign to's disrespectful. A head nod is a better option. 7. If you need to speak to a local about anything...remember to be humble when speaking to them. 8. Heavy property crimes on Maui at the high visitor locations, please remember to secure all valuables in your hotel room, or if you have to take them with you...don't just leave it laying around...because someone will take them and you will never see it again!! 9. Maui only has ONE hospital, under Maui Health Systems/ Kaiser Hawaii. It's located in Wailuku. The Emergency Department is open 24/7. 10. Do not take any rocks you find on Maui home with you. Leave the rocks, the sand, and whatever else back on Maui. 11. Lastly, IF IN DOUBT ABOUT GOING OUT IN THE OCEAN...DON'T GO OUT! STAY ON THE BEACH OR SWIM IN THE POOL AT THE HOTEL. FYI- WAINAPANAPE STATE PARK IN HANA IS A BAD AREA TO GO SWIMMING! LOCALS AND VISITORS HAVE DROWNED THERE! Remember, Maui is not some magical place in LALA land.
Take care and be safe when on Maui.

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