What is the Eat Pray Maui Art House and why should I submit art?

  • Since 2015, Maui lovers everywhere have shared their inspiring stories of how choosing to focus on the island life has made a positive difference in their lives. Today, we’re excited to invite talented artists into the Eat Pray Maui Art House to share their designs and ideas inspired by what makes life great for them. So whether it’s hiking, music, or sloths in trees eating pizza — if your design inspires optimism — it should be on a Eat Pray Maui Tee.
  • For extra good vibes, you will receive 5% - 50% of net sales from tees sold with your design.

How do I submit art?

  • Download our t-shirt template
  • Create your design and place it on the t-shirt template
    • Save for submission:
      • File type: .jpg, .png., tiff
      • Size limit: 25MB
    • Login or create an account on
    • Go to Art House in the My Account section of
    • Follow the submission page instructions:
      • Upload your design
      • Title your design
      • Tell us why we should produce your design (psst — this is your Shark Tank moment, so have fun and sell us on your idea!)
      • Press submit!
      • You will be notified if your artwork has been accepted or rejected within 7 days.
    • You will receive emails from Please add this address to your contacts so it is not flagged as spam. This email address is automated and cannot receive replies.

Can I submit a design and collect payment for my design if I’m under 18?

  • Yes, the artist must be 13 or older. If the artist is under 18, a parent or legal guardian will need to sign the legal agreements on their behalf.

Do I have to live in the United States to submit?

  • We encourage optimists around the world to submit artwork too. We require an IRS W-9 form (or a w-8BEN form — the international equivalent) along with a telephone number and the artist’s PayPal account information. For artists under 18, we’ll need a PayPal account and a W-9 form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Will my art automatically be accepted?

  • Unfortunately, no, we cannot accept all art. The Eat Pray Maui Art House is not an open marketplace. Our goal is to help amplify artwork that best represents optimism and never giving up. Upon submitting artwork, Eat Pray Maui is will review each design, approving only those that best align with our values and our mission to spread the positive vibes.

 What happens after I submit?

  • You will be notified if your artwork has been accepted or rejected within 7  days.
  • If your art is rejected, we encourage you to try again by submitting a new design. We highly suggest making significant changes or creating and submitting an entirely new design. Unfortunately, Eat Pray Maui will not provide detailed design feedback when art is rejected.
    • If your art is accepted (awesome!), you will be asked to share additional information, such as:
      • Your PayPal account info so we can pay you (double woo-hoo!)
      • Completing the provided W-9 form (or corresponding international form) 
      • Complete and agree to our legal agreement and terms & conditions
      • You will have 15 days to submit the above information, or your art will automatically be declined.

How long will it take for me to hear if my art is chosen or rejected?

  • You will hear from us within 7 days.

If my art is chosen, how long will it take to appear on

  • Once an approved artist has supplied the required payment (so we can pay you!) and legal information, we will typically launch your design on within 30 days of that date. It will depend, in part, on how many submissions are received at a given time.

What happens if my art is not approved?

  • You will receive a notification letter stating your art was not approved. The artist will retain the rights in their design except for art containing intellectual property (IP) belonging to Eat Pray Maui. Upon rejection, the art is deleted from our database.
  • The following are reasons why your art may be rejected:
    • The art does not reflect Eat Pray Maui mission to spread the power of never giving up attitude.
    • Technical complexities in reproducing the art on Eat Pray Maui products
    • The similarity of the art to art previously submitted by another artist or created by Eat Pray Maui, internal graphic designers
    • Concerns that the art may infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties

How can I check on the status of my design submission?

  • Eat Pray Maui will notify you within 7 days of submission.

If my design is not chosen, can I still submit or sell to other companies or myself?

  • Yes, except for art containing intellectual property (IP) belonging to Eat Pray Maui.

If my design is not chosen, can I make updates and resubmit?

  • We highly suggest making significant changes or creating and submitting an entirely new design. Unfortunately, Eat Pray Maui will not provide detailed design feedback when art is rejected.

If I previously submitted a design to a Eat Pray Maui T-Shirt Art or Design Contest but did not win, am I allowed to submit again?

  • Yes, but only if you were not picked as a grand prize or runner-up winner.

Am I allowed to sell this piece of art on other canvases elsewhere?

  • Unfortunately, if your art is accepted into the Eat Pray Maui Art House, and you have signed legal documentation, you will not be able to sell this piece of art elsewhere.

Can I produce and sell my shirts if my shirt design is no longer sold on

  • Eat Pray Maui will own the copyright once the submission is accepted.

Can I submit a design that I’ve previously sold or printed on a t-shirt/item elsewhere?

  • The artist cannot have assigned or licensed the submission to any third party.

How will my work be credited on your website, in promotion materials, and/or on the item or hang tag?

  • At this time, your name will not be credited on This is because we take a team approach to create artwork. However, we highly encourage you to share your design with your networks to help boost your sales and rep your talent!


What is the payment process?

  • We pay all artists — domestic and international — through PayPal.

When do I get my payment? What form of payment will it be?

  • We pay within 15 days after the end of each month based on the net sales per month. After that, the payment will be sent to the PayPal account submitted by the artist.

Do I have to pay taxes on the money I received? Eat Pray Maui send me a 1099 form?

  • Additionally, if you are paid more than $600 in sales in a calendar year, you will receive a 1099 from Life is Good.

Can I donate my payment to the Life is Good Kids Foundation?

  • Yes — that would be VERY generous. Feel free to donate if you like. Unfortunately,
    Eat Pray Maui cannot automatically donate on your behalf.

Why is the payment percentage 5%-50% of net sales?

  • There are a variety of costs in creating a t-shirt. Eat Pray Maui Art House is free for artists to utilize. Paying out 5%-50% of net sales enables us to take care of everything from printing and shipping to customer service.

Why was my design put on clearance/marked down? 

  • We mark down seasonal colors and all artwork on those colors. It’s nothing personal, we promise.

Can I track my sales?

  • When artwork is accepted, you can access our sales portal through My Account on to see your sales over time.


Can I promote this as my design on my social channels?

  • Yes! We highly encourage spreading good vibes to your networks.

Can I encourage people to buy my design?

  • Yes!

What expectations are on me to promote on my channels (if any)?

  • None! However, sharing your design with your network can only help boost your sales, so don’t be shy.

What resources/assets will I be provided?

  • You will be able to find your art on the Eat Pray Maui Art House portal via the My Account page on You will also be able to search by the title of your art within or after 30 days of approval.